People are afraid of “transgender”

People are afraid of things they don’t know, haven’t encountered in their personal lives, and don’t really understand.  That’s why it is so important for me to live as my true self and to speak out on a daily “coming out” basis to those with whom I associate with every day.  Weather it be in my community, at work, with social media, or with my family, I am actively aware that it is easier for the people around me to ignore my intent to transition or play it up to just a temporary phase I am going through.

As I read through some of these blogs, especially the political ones in the wake of Donald Trumps transgender tweets, I am struck by the amount of ignorance and fear regarding “transgender”.  As a veteran of the USAF, I believe I also have a unique perspective on this.  I am connecting with the Transgender American Veterans Association through email and social media and trying to become more involved in trans advocacy.  My main goal is to find my own voice and fight for people like me who, due to political or social circumstance, don’t yet have theirs.

Trans people are not scary, it’s actually quite the opposite.  We are brave and compassionate fighters being held back in a society filled with ignorance and fear.  So for now, this is my battle, and this blog will help me to sort things out and hopefully meet new and amazing people in order to make change.



5 thoughts on “People are afraid of “transgender”

  1. I agree, we are not something to be feared. I think people are not only afraid of what they don’t understand but also afraid of things they don’t understand being forced upon them instead education being provided. Good blog!!

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  2. For starters I just wanna say welcome to blogging! Second, it’s so brave what you’re doing. This world is full of hate and discrimination towards not only transgenders but everybody in the LGBTQ. I hope you have a wonderful journey and I fully accept you for who you are and I’ll always support you 💙

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