Feeling Misunderstood

It happens pretty often.

Sometimes I just can’t get my words out.  Other times, I just sound angry.  I’m connecting with others in the LGBT community for the first time and getting a lot of positive support and feedback.  I’m also introduced to people who think completely opposite as I do and don’t always react with kindness (mostly frustration).

Social media is amazing but can also bring you to the ground, drag you outside, and beat you like an old carpet.   I’m realizing that US, as adults of this world, will still sometimes lash out like children.  Intellectual development doesn’t necessarily coincide with emotional maturity.

Being transgender is not a life path I would have wished on my 8 year old self.  Whatever this journey is for me, it seems insurmountable.   I’m searching for people to connect with to make a change.  Just for me.  Just for tomorrow.  Everyday, I think I’m packed and ready to move forward, but then again, you can’t predict the weather.

I’ve become involved in organizing a nation wide protest of DT’s military transgender ban.  I’ve been working with friends and allies.  I’ve reached out to old friends, reporters, & LGBT advocates, politicians, trying to get this thing off the ground.

I’ve also realized that we feel more confident in word rather than action.  So here I sit, on tomorrow’s next step, contemplating how to mobilize your words.

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